Letter to the Editor

Thank you Spencer

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

I would like to thank the community of Spencer for the privilege of serving as a board member for the Spencer Community Schools for the last 15 years. We have an amazing school system and I have been privileged to have had a small part in helping it grow and develop into the successful school system that it is today.

Spencer has always been recognized as having a very good school system with great teachers. Today, our school system may be the very best that it has ever been. We still have the very best teachers, staff and administrators. The difference now is that all of you have come together to offer our children the opportunity to have the best education possible. You are working collaboratively with the goal that all students will develop maximum knowledge and skills to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Everybody knows the game plan is to provide a world class education for our students. There is a sense that you really care for your students and each other. It hasnít been easy, and it wonít get easier, but you have developed a culture that allows you to work together and implement new ideas and itís working.

There will be challenges in the future, but you have demonstrated the ability to overcome anything that gets in the way and continue toward your purpose.

I have enjoyed discussing, encouraging and helping to provide the resources and protections that have aided in your success story. Watching you become the great school system you are gives me great joy. Please, donít take it for granted.

To the new board, congratulations and best wishes. Itís a huge task but you have proven to be up to it. I have developed many great friends while on the board, and for that I am forever grateful. Under your watch I have faith that Spencer Community Schools will continue to grow and prosper.

Finally, to our superintendent, Terry Hemann, thank you for leadership and friendship. You have the most difficult task, and you handle it with humility and a desire to put our children and your staff first. There will always be difficulties but if you continue to focus on the needs of others first, that investment will prove to provide the strength you need to resolve those difficulties.

So finally, I am proud of what you have accomplished as a school system. I have watched as you have literally saved lives and given opportunities to students that have proven to be the source of their future successes. Be proud of what you accomplish every day in our Spencer Community Schools.

ó Dean Mechler, Former Board Member, Spencer Community Schools