Letter to the Editor

Convention of States

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

We, as Americans, find ourselves at the crossroads of deciding our nationís fate. Do we continue down a path of unsustainable debt, freedoms being eroded, and disunity fueled by career politicians? Do we decide that our beliefs ó in God, country and each other as fellow citizens, unity under a single banner of faith, love for our neighbors and tolerance for differences in opinion ó can keep us united through these turbulent times?

Itís too easy for us as mere mortals to understand all the influences that attempt to distract, to segregate, to anger, and promote division in our country. What we do know is that standing on our principles that support law, order, liberty and peace has gotten us this far and can get us a lot further down our path to a stronger future.

Convention of States can help us regain these ideals, taking the tool of Article V of our U.S. Constitution to offer an opportunity for 34 states to gather, to address federal term limits, federal overreach and federal overspending to gain back our rights to self-governance.

Check out Convention of States by calling 540-441-7227, on the Facebook page, or the website, conventionofstates.com, to learn more. You will be connected to information about a petition you can sign to let our Iowa legislators know we support this process and you can even volunteer to spread the word if you are so inclined. Each of us can do our part to make a difference! Hereís your chance to be part of the solution today.

ó Kim Wilson, Spencer