Letter to the Editor

Celebrating in October

Friday, October 8, 2021

October is quite the month for celebrating a variety of causes and what have you. Each of the other months can lay claim to the same honor, I suppose. In October, we observe National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. We celebrate National Pork Month, too. Mmmmmm! From Oct. 3 through 9 is National 4-H Week. In addition to being Columbus Day, Oct. 12 is also designated as National Farmer's Day something Iowans can get excited about!

Right now, we are in Fire Prevention Week. Then there is Mental Health Month, and again, in this week, World Teachers' Day. I would add that any day can be a day for honoring teachers! Boss's Day is Oct. 15. As the month concludes, both Halloween and Reformation Sunday occur on Oct. 31.

There are so many positive things to celebrate, and worthy causes to promote. We could wipe out a lot of the carping negativity, hate speech and derogatory comments if we paid heed to St. Augustine of Hippo's words: "Hate is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy dies." Something that made sense 18 centuries ago plays well today, also. Celebrate the good and the worthy!

Bill Kersting, Spencer