Letter to the Editor

Emergency room signage

Friday, October 1, 2021

There are currently hospital signs (H with an arrow) southbound on Grand Avenue in the 1400 block only 150-200 feet before the turn and northbound on Grand Avenue in the 1300 block, again only 150-200 before the required turn on East 13th Street to the Spencer Hospital Emergency Department! So why isnít there an ER sign under each of the hospital signs especially if the ER department is so hard to locate?

At the corner of East 13th Street and First Avenue there is a small emergency sign that is only lighted with a couple small spotlights and hard to see in the dark, until your almost on it! So why isnít this emergency room sign bigger and back lighted like the large Spencer Hospital sign that can be seen from Grand Avenue on East 12th Street making the current emergency sign visible from Grand Avenue on East 13th Street, thus making it easier to find in the dark?

The current ER Department has been located, in the same spot behind the hospital for how many decades and yet the hospital director is now claiming that no one can find the ER Department!

Most People from this area knows where the Spencer Hospital ER Department is located and those that are not from the area, would be using GPS to follow to an unknown ER! Why would they lose valuable time not using GPS, as it takes only seconds to ask GPS for the closest ER Department!

So why hasnít the hospital administration corrected the ER signage on Grand Avenue with better ER signs and at the corner of East 13th Street and East First Avenue with a bigger back lighted ER sign that can be seen from Grand Avenue before now, Especially if it has been a problem for people locating the Spencer Emergency Department?

I am amazed that most of the Spencer Hospital emergency room doctors are not even from the immediate surrounding area and hired from other larger hospitals! Why it that? At the time of an emergency room visit, you want to have an ER doctor that you know and trust to treat you or your loved ones!

Until the current COVID restrictions are lifted at the Spencer Hospital, only one person, per day, being permitted with the ER patient! Why does the Spencer Hospital need a larger ER?

In most big city hospital trauma units of the ER Department, are wide open for a purpose, so that the doctors can move quickly from one patient to another and still know what is happening to his other patients! In the ER trauma area, most visitors are not allowed!