Letter to the Editor

Attention retired teachers: IGLRSPA

Friday, September 3, 2021

What does that stand for? Iowa Great Lakes Retired School Personal Association. I know there are many of you in the area and I am extending an invitation to join the association. IRPSA President George Holland from Dubuque says retired teachers are not just interested in IPERS, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. We are active in our community as well. Our association has been active volunteers in their neighborhood. Some of them are; our hospitals, the Nature Center, the Art Center, churches, schools, etc. The volunteer hours are turned into the State IRSPA Office and turned into money that supports the work being done in behalf of IPERS. Our next meeting is Sept. 16 at the Senior Center in Spirit Lake. Coffee and snacks are provided, De Niett Van Den Brooke will be our speaker RSVP. Please consider attending and joining. Meet some of your old teacher friends. The officers are Marcia Hill, treasurer, Leah Streeter, secretary, and Dorothy, president. Her phone number is 712-320-3363, please call her if you have any questions.