Letter to the Editor

We need to implement these measures now

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

There were two articles in the Friday SDR that should have given a serious reality check to parents this back-to-school season. On the front page, we learned that kids in Spencer are returning to class this year absent any COVID protocols no masks, no social distancing, no vaccine requirements. A couple pages farther in we are informed that Iowa is experiencing a delta variant surge which is hitting teens and children particularly hard.

These articles are evidence that we are experiencing a second, entirely new pandemic. This one did not originate in China or anywhere else. It is wholly American in origin. It is a pandemic of the ignorant.

The tools needed to control the COVID-19 pandemic were developed in record time. They were widely publicized and widely available. Those who took responsibility for their own, their communities and the country's health were spared the ravages of the COVID pandemic.

However, in the process, a new, more nefarious infection began to spread. This new pandemic is the direct result of political cynicism. Yes, it seems that death panels really do exist. But they are not the ones you thought. These death panels are made up of political opportunists like the governors of Texas, Florida and, yes, Iowa, supported by certain figures from an equally unscrupulous faction of media (FOX, OAN, Breitbart, etc.).

They are not interested in your children's health or well being. But, we should be. It is time for Iowa school boards, and Spencer's in particular, to follow the example of schools in Texas and Florida and refuse to obey our governor's stupid mask ban for schools. Our children are surely more important than the temporary inconvenience of a mandate for masks and vaccinations in schools.

We need to implement these measures now, before Iowa becomes Florida 2.0.