Letter to the Editor

Convention of States

Friday, August 27, 2021

Has the last 18 months been a roller coaster of emotions for you? The chaos that has resulted from the pandemic, social unrest, a new generation of federal overreach akin to nothing we as Americans has seen in recent years, are quickly threatening to erase many of our freedoms.

As Americans, we know first-hand what independent thought, beliefs and actions looks and feels like. Because of the fearmongering that is being incited by a variety of sources and the “well-intentioned” policies we see that restrict our rights and want to spend our resources faster than we can afford, we find ourselves looking for relief and reestablish our norm.

Have you heard of Article V of our beloved Constitution? Article V was designed to allow individual citizens and their local state government representatives the opportunity to counteract misplaced federal control and use a collective, common-sense approach by us, the governed, to determine the “good of the People.” Our republic’s premise and laws have and always put an emphasis on an individual’s and state’s rights to determine what offers protection, safety and overall well-being to the majority of its citizens.

Please learn more about the process of Article V and the opportunity the Convention of States is providing to legally and nonviolently call a gathering together of at least 34 states to rein in our federal government, limit federal spending, and promote term limits, to squelch the tyranny we see exuding from small federal government groups in power, who are promoting an agenda with Marxist generated propaganda.

We, as Americans, know what inalienable rights we have been given and now, it’s time to exercise our Constitutional authority to make the chaos stop and restore order, peace and liberty for all. Please contact the Convention of States at www.conventionofstates.com or 540-441-7227 to sign the petition, volunteer to help spread the word, support outreach to our legislators, and participate in the U.S. Constitution’s remedy for the chaos we see. It’s time for courage and action so contact Convention of States today.