Letter to the Editor

Visiting northwest Iowa and Spencer

Monday, August 16, 2021

Recently my wife and I had the pleasure to visit northwest Iowa and spend two nights in Spencer, our first time there. We are from upper Michigan and we were returning from a vacation to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore. On our way back, we were scheduled to meet one of my wife's cousins and his wife in Jackson, Minnesota, along I-90. They are from Denison. They called us from Spencer with a car breakdown on a Friday and asked us to come down to Spencer to spend time with them. So, we journeyed through the Iowa Great Lakes region (quite an experience traffic-wise) and got to Spencer late that night. Due to repair parts needing to be sent, we ended up with the Dorchester cousins staying two nights with great hospitality at the Super 8 motel. We spent most of Saturday visiting your great community. Downtown at night with the red, white and blue lights was a treat. Your downtown seems to flourish compared to many that are drying up all over. The drive along Grand Avenue north

of downtown showed us beautiful landscaping. We saw your large YMCA and got informed about the fair coming soon. Your hospital is large for a small town and we heard good reports about it also. Local folks were pleased to tell us about fine schools and places to see. The courthouse is impressive and tree-lined streets were abundant. The downtown Grand Lunch Box was unique and we met Ira the barber too, a local institution we are told. We had meals at fine places: Sports Page, Carroll's Bakery, Family Table and the quaint and authentic Taqueria Tapatio.

The Dorchesters on Sunday attended Hope Church and we as Methodists attended Grace. Both had friendly congregations and Grace is a gorgeous, striking building. All in all, we found Spencer to be a wonderful town; you should all be proud.

P.S. Come north and visit us. Upper Michigan (aka the State of Superior) has so much to offer visitors year-round. We have the big Great Lakes.

Don Williams, Iron Mountain, Michigan