Letter to the Editor

Iowa needs Marsy's Law

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Being a member of the law enforcement in our community is a great honor. I love doing what I can to keep the residents of Clay County safe.

When someone is arrested, they are read their Miranda rights. I'm sure you've heard this on TV "you have the right to remain silent, and so on. These very basic rights are outlined in the constitution and give the accused legal recourse if they feel their rights were violated as it should be.

Similar rights are not currently afforded to the victims of those crimes, but they should be. Iowa needs Marsy's Law. The criminal justice system can honor both the accused and victims equally, without diminishing the rights of anyone, and give both parties security and justice.

Marsy's Law for Iowa would put crime victim's rights in Iowa's constitution, right alongside the rights of the accused. These rights are things like reasonable protection from the accused, the right to be notified and present at trial and the right to notification of the status of the offender.

Any time our community comes together we are stronger and better for it. I'm proud that our local state representative, Rep. Megan Jones, has been a supporter of Marsy's Law and I look forward to working with her to continue working on behalf of Iowa crime victims.

Sheriff Chris Raveling, Clay County Sheriff's Office