Letter to the Editor

Bipartisan approach benefits Iowans

Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Des Moines Register's editorial board recently argued Democrats in Washington should bypass negotiating with Republicans on infrastructure legislation. This would set a terrible precedent and hurt Iowa dearly.

While the Des Moines Register is quick to jump on the idea that bipartisanship is dead, Iowans in Spencer and Northwest Iowa disagree. Infrastructure is not a Democrat or Republican issue. Bipartisanship is crucial in these infrastructure conversations and should be encouraged, not looked down upon.

Senators Grassley and Ernst have proven that these bipartisan infrastructure conversations benefit Iowans. Just this month, Senator Grassley met with Jeff Merkley, of Oregon, in a bipartisan effort to advocate for funding to promote American innovation and job growth in the infrastructure sector. Senator Ernst has also proven to use bipartisan talks to secure critical infrastructure wins for Iowans when she included legislation in a unanimous transportation infrastructure package that modernized Iowa locks and dams and ensured Iowa's fair share of federal highway funding.

Cutting off Republicans from these infrastructure discussions would be detrimental to Iowa and its own infrastructure needs. It's irresponsible to argue that Democrats don't include language or listen to Republicans' ideas in this major policy initiative. At the end of the day, this would only hurt Iowans.

Kevin C. Brown, Clay County