Letter to the Editor

Get positively addicted

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious. We'd like our nation to be more harmonious. We're tired of divisiveness. Too many folks are turning to pursuits, activities and the like that are not wholesome, or in anyone's best interests. Maybe it is time to embrace the oxymoron. Allow me to explain.

An oxymoron is a contradiction of terms. We are familiar with the tried and true "military intelligence." Our English language is rife with oxymorons. Witness these few: deafening silence, a definite possibility, an accurate estimate, controlled chaos, a crash landing, and on and on. Dr. William Glasser wrote a book in 1985 that got considerable attention. "Positive Addiction" epitomized the oxymoron. For the most part, both then and now, addictions were not considered in a positive light. But what about an addiction to something that is noncompetitive, freely chosen, and takes about an hour a day? What if it is easy, and doesn't require a great deal of mental effort? It is primarily solitary, something one considers to be valuable either physically, mentally or spiritually. How could your chosen activity be anything but good for you, especially if it helps you improve yourself, something for which you do not criticize yourself, and something that promotes self acceptance?

The beauty of a positive addiction is that it need not be costly or time consuming. Golf could qualify, but not if it is costing you a fortune in clubs and fees and coming between you and your spouse/family. Maybe regular putting practice is more like it. Cooking, music, meditation, dancing, running or volunteering may fill the bill. Whatever you choose, it should strengthen you, make your life more satisfying, build your confidence and enhance your creativity. There's no need to be a victim of the pandemic. Get positively addicted, and enjoy inner peace!

Bill Kersting, Spencer