Letter to the Editor

Thank you Kruse

Friday, April 2, 2021

Thank you David Kruse for your excellent article "Resistance to Immunization" (March 19, 2021, Spencer Daily Reporter). The article talked about the careless activities of staff at a retirement facility where a close relative of his lives, including the refusal of many staff to be vaccinated.

Our Dad died from COVID-19 last August contracted at his assisted living facility in which two others also lost their lives to COVID-19. He had not been out of the facility for many months nor was any family allowed in to visit from March 9, 2020, on. He died a horrible isolating, lingering, pain-filled death.

These workers need to be mindful of the vulnerable residents they care for in close proximity. They have a right to refuse the vaccine; what rights do the residents have? Mr. Kruse's article was quite disturbing. Are the deaths of those who died in vain?