Letter to the Editor

Des Moines Register editorial — response from 'No One'

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Spencer Reporter's Feb. 26 edition carried a Des Moines Register Feb. 19 editorial entitled "Republicans should share a vision for the state's future and leave behind pettiness." Reading the title of the article gave me hope, and the initial point supporting a biennial Iowa Legislature raised my hopes further. I figure legislatures serve best who meet least. That, however, was the high point as things rapidly returned to what I expect from the Register. The author chastised Republicans for failing to work to "shore up state services" or improve the environment and education instead promoting divisive bills that help no one." Really? I acknowledge this is not meant to be taken literally, yet it is revealing. No one? I see these efforts as helping me, my family, my country and my faith. I see a constituency of Iowans being served. A large constituency of which I am a part. And yet we are no one? Or are we just no one who matters in the woke narrative to which the author clearly subscribes?

The issues addressed by the editorial included restrictions on transgender school bathroom use, banning college professor tenure, "banning public schools from using a project that teaches about slavery" (which I assume refers to the 1619 Project), "creating obstacles to voting," and addressing abortion and women's health clinic funding. Republican are charged with "narrowing their focusing to marginalize specific groups of people, exact revenge on specific school districts and further specific fringe ideas." I would have loved a definition of terms for this last topic, in particular “fringe ideas” and “specific groups.” I feel I am the one being “marginalized,” that “revenge” is being leveraged against me by our woke society, and that my love for country, Constitution, and faith is now considered a “fringe idea.”

The Republican efforts the author finds repugnant I find salutary. I greatly appreciate that Republicans are “preoccupied” with these issues and doubt I am alone. I urge readers to review the Register editorial for themselves and consider who gets to label a large segment of the citizenry as “no one.”