Letter to the Editor

Plea to Republicans and Democrats

Monday, February 22, 2021

I am a registered Democrat so I will put that up front, I however, grew up and for much of my life was a registered Republican. I have been having thoughts about the past election and ask why the Republicans in the state of Iowa are forcing changes to the process of running an election.

Please look up and listen to Sen. Pam Jochumís Speech to the Senate. The state of Iowa ran the most successful election in the history of this state. It was done by Democrats and Republicans making sure everyone had the best possible availability to ballots. Life is different we have people who are busy with children and work just trying to get by; we also have many senior citizens who are, especially this year, stuck at home or senior living facilities. The idea that sending people request forms to get a ballot is a problem is ridiculous. A reminder to us to do our civic duty to vote makes our democracy better. It is not a way for people to cheat, it is and was well regulated. The idea that you have, to, on one or two days of the year walk out of your house slip slide or in some way find your way to a polling place is as outdated as the phone on the wall or the VCR. This year more seniors were able to vote from the comfort of their home, they did not have to risk COVID, or life and limb in November to get to the polls on that date. I would also add as one of those people who took advantage, this year, I enjoyed being able to sit in the quiet of my kitchen and look up the people I was voting for to make an informed decision.

What this election showed is that more people will be involved in the process when given access to the vote. If this was such a bad idea for Republicans in the state of Iowa then I have to say, What? You won statewide offices you won national offices. Why, do you want to shorten the time for ballot request? Why, do you want to limit who can receive an absentee ballot? Why, do you want to purge the voter rolls? Why, are you making it harder for people who cannot make it to the polls to cast their ballot?

The obvious answer may be that the National Party wants to Stifel the vote and like so many of the bills that the Republican party of Iowa jams through the state Legislature it is written by outside interests and changed just enough to make it appear to apply to Iowa. I would ask us all to step back and look at what is happening in the state Legislature, what they are doing with school vouchers which will hurt the people of this area more because it will decrease the dollars coming for our schools, also the defunding of schools by not keeping up with inflation, which will raise individual property taxes, the ravaging of IPERS in direct and indirect ways. There are many other ways they are interfering with life here in Iowa, by not listening to the other side by blindly following the wish list of outside interests not pursuing what is best for Iowans. Each time I voice my opinion to my legislative representatives, state or national on any subject all I get is national party talking points, no real understanding of my concerns or that my concerns even matter.

This is a plea to my Republican and Democratic friends do not follow the R or the D blindly. Donít, break things that work, instead work on things that are broke, like air and water quality, just to name one big thing. Like bringing our school systems back to the quality we once had. Like helping the less fortunate have a better Iowa way of life.

ó Cheri Shatto, Fostoria