Letter to the Editor


Monday, February 15, 2021

Let’s get ready to rumble! Outgoing presidents are encouraged to commit any and all crimes they’re inclined to without consequence per the Republican standard! Two impeachment trials. Two times Republican senator/jurors admit there was a crime and that it was proven. Two times Republicans put a man above country and even their own party.

A majority of experts say it is constitutional to have an impeachment trial after an official has left office. There is historical precedent, twice the Senate held impeachment trials for officials after they had left office. The Senate voted this impeachment trial constitutional. Those that disagreed should have not participated or voted as many of them did not pay attention or were absent during the trial anyway, in conflict with the sworn oath they took.

If criminal charges are brought by the DOJ, as encouraged by Sen. Mitch McConnell, get out the stop watch to time how fast he and the rest of the Republicans start screaming “partisan witch hunt.” If there ever is a criminal trial for the former president for his leadership in the heinous Jan. 6 insurrection, all it takes is one MAGA juror to, yet again, acquit.

Just like the first time, this acquittal will be worn like a badge of honor by the former president and used to solidify/grow his base, spread lies, and raise money (I personally received an RNC fund raising call four hours after the vote). Most concerning is he’ll work to primary out any last vestige of common sense, constitutionally faithful Republicans not scared into submission to him as Iowa elected Republicans are at all levels; senators, representatives, governor, state congress, etc.

There is no more GOP, only the Trump/Qanon/Anti-Constitution party.

Get vaccinated! Wear masks!

— Diane Smith, Spencer