Letter to the Editor


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Why has the city of Okoboji intentionally or unintentionally dispossessed working families enjoyment of millions of dollars of public lakeshore and public beaches? Has the city used the economic game theory of incomplete information to make working families seem unwelcome on their own property — the Okoboji Promenade? Why has the city worked with or allowed six homeowners to install full force sprinkling systems on city property to soak early morning walkers. The city apparently feels the best way to discourage early morning walkers is to run the sprinklers full force back and forth over the sidewalk from about 5-8 a.m.

The city and homeowners never really wanted working families to know where the homeowners property stopped and the city of Okoboji property line started. To know where the true lines are go to the Lakeshore Drive — Lakeshore Road entrance to Okoboji Promenade’s public sidewalk. Take with you a metal detector, a survey of the homes on the Promenade, and a copy of the Dickinson County Beacon showing Lakeshore Road and the homeowner’s property lines. As you walk the lake will be on your left and the homes will be on your right. Use a metal detector to find where the city of Okoboji’s property line start and where the homeowners stop. You will find the homeowner’s property stops 5-10 feet short of the public sidewalk. The green grasses, the beautiful lakeshore and beaches are public property all for you and your family to enjoy. Take your children to the Promenade, let them run up and down the lakeshore and beaches and have wonderful, happy Okoboji days to remember.

— William Murphy, Okoboji