Letter to the Editor

Compromise is not in the definition

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Three examples of when the Democrats tried to appease the Republicans to gain bipartisan support.

First: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to save the economy from the Great Republican Recession of 2008. Result: Ended up so watered down the recovery went on four to five more years than needed.

Second: Comprehensive Immigration reform. Result: After many changes the bill was almost identical to prior bills the Republicans supported but then-House Speaker John Boehner killed it by refusing to bring it to a floor vote.

Third: ACA. Result: After months and over 200 GOP amendments it’s far weaker than it needs to be. Sen. Chuck Grassley famously kept coming back with “one more thing” Columbo style. When President Barack Obama asked him directly if there was any change that would gain Grassley’s vote, to his credit, he admitted “No” and he voted against it. Since it passed, he and the Republicans have tried to repeal, modify or curb it over 70 times with no plan for a replacement.

So as far as expecting Republicans to act in good faith: Fool me once, shame on the Republicans. Fool me two and three times, shame on the Democrats. Don’t get fooled again!

After a year of 443,000-plus deaths and a horrible economy (rich people excepted), the American people and the economy need the same COVID-19 treatment that the former president and his personal lawyer got, throw everything you’ve got at it! Dinking around with half measures just prolongs the pain and suffering ending in more deaths and expense. Unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole as in the United States of America. Compromise (especially to the detriment of the American people) is not in the definition. COVID-19 relief is a survival not stimulus act.

— Diane Smith, Spencer