Letter to the Editor

Trump and the Capitol attack

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Paula Buenger’s articles have been spot on. Sharing her feelings so eloquently has been soothing as much as possible considering the topics. Thank you.

Sadly, others are still clinging to the big lie fomented for months, even before the election took place, which is why nothing will change. It’s a waste of time and breath to explain the lie for the umpteenth time and spoon feed facts to Donald Trump supporters. They need to do their own research using legitimate sources. Belief in the lie against all proven facts by courts and elected officials to the contrary contributes to the problem and carries a responsibility for contributing to the violence to overthrow the government. Anyone that supported trump needs to reevaluate their ability to judge a person’s character and ask why it’s so important to them to deny what they know deep down somewhere (I hope) in their heart and soul is true.

The president incited violence for months. Focusing on one statement that was obviously another of the tens of thousands of lies uttered as a “get out of jail free” card is insanity. He’s always sprinkled lies like that among his communications to claim deniability to crimes. People died at his direction. The whole elected body, including first, second and third in line could have been massacred. The president watched with glee. He is still a threat every minute he has access to presidential powers. And he needs to be banned from holding any office every again. How can congressmen, senators and the vice president still support the madman that was trying to get them killed and instead call for ‘holding hands and singing Kumbaya? Charlie Manson never murdered anyone either.

If the president wants to tell us anything he just has to walk downstairs to the press room. Bans from social media for the safety of the nation is not a First Amendment violation. We really, really, really need to teach civics in school and evidently in adult education classes.

Jan. 6 was a planned attack. They came equipped with bombs, climbing gear, guns, knives, nooses, gas masks, pepper spray, zip ties, helmets, communications, etc. They built a gallows for Christ’s sake. Someone fed them intel on where to find their targets. There was military diversion methods applied as bombs were placed at the RNC and DNC headquarters in order to draw the police away from the primary target. Requests for reinforcement were denied before the assault and the president ignored requests in the thick of it. And with the FBI warning of armed protests coming up, we most likely will witness the same this weekend at all 50 states and D.C. As Mitt Romney said, “The best way we can show respect for the voters who are upset is by telling them the truth.” I’m not sure the traitors would even listen to trump telling them that truth at this point, which he physically can’t do and would never try anyway.

The aftermath, besides the dead and injured obviously, are the yet to be determined threats of espionage with the stolen laptops/documents, possible planting of “bugs,” etc. There have to be consequences for trump for the first time in his life. There can’t be unity without it. If not now, when?

Note: My last letter didn’t ask for an apology from Trump as titled. I asked for an apology from Trump supporters.

Get vaccinated. Wear a mask!

— Diane Smith, Spencer