Letter to the Editor

One Man's Perspective

Thursday, December 10, 2020

In Tuesday's One Man's Perspective column, the editor wrote that "there were some behaviors which left many Americans questioning the legitimacy of our democratic process." I agree. However, almost all of those "behaviors" emanated from the soon-to-be ex-president.

It is extremely difficult for me to believe that thousands of your and my friends and neighbors who volunteered to work election day, observe the voting for their party, count the votes and recount the votes somehow either conspired or were duped into switching or falsifying millions of votes. To even insinuate such a thing is an insult to American patriotism and to the Constitution itself.

We have struggled for 230 years to make our elections the most free, fair and transparent on the planet by giving citizens the right to manage the outcome of elections themselves. This is not the first election in American history for which the outcome has been contested. Each time the Republic survived and thrived. It will again this time.

H Schar, Spencer