Letter to the Editor

2020 Election

Thursday, November 12, 2020

I know the heartache when your candidate loses. But I donít have a pink hat, coloring book or throw temper tantrums. I also do not show up with guns where votes are being counted or make veiled death threats to election officials. And I definitely donít donate money to a lying, self-proclaimed billionaire, reality TV show host loser.

The media reports the vote count the state election officials give them, then they do the math. In addition to science and civics, is math now a conspiracy theory and questionable? This was one of the smoothest run elections even if during a global pandemic. The courts are swatting away frivolous lawsuits like flies. The ďringerĒ on SCOTUS wonít be able to commit quid pro quo. If the Pennsylvania GOP would have allowed mail in votes counted early it wouldnít have taken until Saturday to determine the projected winner. It should have been called Thursday night but I think it was delayed to allow the loser and his supporters to get used to the idea. Guess that didnít work. Trump is losing in Pennsylvania by 47,566 but won by less in 2016, 44,292 votes, and no fake fraud claimed then. In contrast, Ohio was the exact opposite of Pennsylvania. Mail in votes were counted early so on election night the first report showed Biden ahead by thousands. Then the votes cast election day were counted shifting the result to Trumpís favor. No fraud claims there.

Voting by mail is safe, secure and transparent. Thereís been so many explanations of the process. Iím sure our Clay County auditor would gladly explain it personally if asked instead of indirectly denigrating the great work that office has done. My election questions were answered personally and professionally.

It wasnít the end of the country during the eight years of Bush or eight years of Obama. Thank goodness Trump didnít get another four years though. Heís fighting to stay out of prison, like his many associates. That includes his personal lawyer that held a bizarre press conference in a landscaping company parking lot. The Trump team there included a felon that served time for sexual crimes against children. But hey, allís good because Trump claims to be anti-abortion, right? Just like allís good that there are 666 children kidnapped from their parents that canít be reunited. Attempts to justify it are disgusting and irrelevant to moral people so donít even try. Be assured that after 47 years of attempts, if Roe v. Wade hasnít been overturned it wonít be, even with three stolen SCOTUS seats. The GOP needs it as their get out the vote carrot. Also, two thirds of the public have supported it for decades.

If your taxes go up with a Biden administration, congratulations on making over $400,000 a year! If thatís not you, remember the tax cut that promised to give you $4,000 a year? Did you get it? Well, doesnít matter, it expires in three years anyway by design. But not the corporate tax cuts. Rest assured, the president elect wonít do anything not already set as a standard by the current president and condoned by the Republicans. If that scares you, it should have during the last four years also. Before the election I cautioned voters to not burn down the house. Appears the outgoing president will though.

Wear a mask!

ó Diane Smith, Spencer