Letter to the Editor

Thank you city of Spencer, Parks Department

Thursday, November 12, 2020

In this season of gratefulness, Grand Avenue Improvement Corporation would like to thank the city of Spencer and in particular, the Spencer Parks Department for maintaining the beauty of North Grand Avenue Boulevards all summer and fall. In contrast to many rural communities, Spencer has resisted spot zoning and has enhanced its city entrance with well-maintained historic homes and graceful boulevards. Securing historic recognition by the National Parks Service in 2014 was no small feat for a linear neighborhood located on a U.S. highway. The latter presents specific challenges in keeping this busy thoroughfare beautiful. Thank you, city leaders and Spencer Parks staff, for keeping North Grand Avenue green and blooming a source of pride for our entire community.

Grand Avenue Improvement Corporation Board of Directors: Amanda Bare, Mike Carlson, Duane Holck, Sheriffa Jones, Mike and Betty Kaschmitter, Mary Jean and Dick Montgomery, Beth Preston, Scott Threlkeld, and Julie Williams