Letter to the Editor


Thursday, October 29, 2020

The LA Dodgers ended a 32-year World Series drought on Oct. 27 by beating the Tampa Bay Rays in six games. That is a fact. The series this year was not an official one, however. That is because for it to be "official," the New York Yankees must be one of the teams. Some would call that an alternative fact. Here are some facts you can take to the bank, no kidding.

1) Amy Coney Barrett is a confirmed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. 2) Justice Barrett is eminently qualified for her position on the High Court (witness her having been named "Professor of the Year" three times while a law professor at Notre Dame). 3) The American Bar Association has given her their highest rating: well-qualified. 4) She is the only sitting Republican-appointed woman on the Supreme Court and the fifth woman in history to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. 5) She is the only sitting Justice to graduate from a law school other than Harvard or Yale, and she will be serving on the Court while a mother of school-aged children. Thank you Sen. Chuck Grassley for highlighting Barrett's qualifications as well as her intellectual honesty.

In this mess we call "politics," it is truly sad that despite the above, Senate Democrats boycotted the confirmation of Justice Barrett, and had a big problem with her practice of the Catholic faith. Would that Rep. Nancy Pelosi and candidate Joe Biden paid more attention to their practice of same. Their examples on matters of treating the unborn are an abomination.

Bill Kersting, Spencer