Letter to the Editor

Health care policies

Monday, October 19, 2020

As Election Day 2020 approaches; I am growing increasingly concerned with the conversation surrounding critical health care policies for our nation, specifically the ideas of more government involvement in patient care and prescription drug pricing. Particularly, during a pandemic thatís impacted so many families and livelihoods, we need to be clear-eyed on the health legacy weíre leaving the next generation.

Americans are blessed with an incredibly innovative private sector that has been fast tracking a cure for COVID, but we cannot take that for granted. We have the leading biopharmaceutical companies in the world pouring all of their resources and ingenuity into securing a safe and effective cure for this disease, but no matter what happens in November, we cannot hamstring the companies.

I have cared for hundreds of cancer patients during my career as an RN, and I was amazed at the strides in treatment I saw over the years. Breakthroughs with therapeutics and prescription drugs continually improve the quality of life for countless patients in our country.

There remains an opportunity for our elected leaders in Congress, such as Senator Grassley, to protect American innovation and ensure patients have hope for years to come. Not just for COVID, but for the many chronic diseases affecting our Iowa citizens year after year.

Iím hopeful with the right leadership, America will continue leading the world in the development of new medicines so that patients across the country will continue to benefit.

ó Kay Quirk, Alta