Letter to the Editor

Gun ownership

Thursday, October 15, 2020

I had heard that the plank for the 2020 Democratic Party has a section about limiting gun ownership by eliminating the legal manufacturing of guns. So to confirm it, I slogged through 50 pages of the 92-page plank document to find out if it was true.

This section of the plank on page 50 contains a long list of gun-control proposals: national gun licensing; red-flag laws, which let judges seize guns without a hearing or mental-health evaluation; and bans on semiautomatic guns that look like military weapons. The standard talking points of the left.

All of the prior has been on the plank before, but the part that is causing me to write this is that there is a proposal included in it to make gun manufacturers civilly liable for misuse of guns they sell. This means people could sue manufacturers and sellers whenever a crime, accident or suicide occurs with a gun.

With the Democratic Party in the hip pocket of the Trial Lawyers Association, the litigation floodgates would open and many, if not all, of the domestic gun manufacturers would either close or move overseas to negate the litigation costs associated with the flood of lawsuits that would descend on them like a plague of locusts. The costs that they manufacturers will incur in protecting themselves or settling will be so burdensome that they would have no choice. Just look at Remington which has liquidated because of the costs associated with the litigation over the Sandy Hook incident.

Assuming that the House will stay with the Democrats, and if the Senate and the presidency flips to them as well, it is a safe assumption that the Democrats will pass a law to eliminate the protection clause that protects our U.S. gun manufacturers. This will make the costs go up, eliminate jobs, and the natural law of supply and demand will price the remaining guns out of reach for most people and that will give the Democrats a running start to eliminate gun ownership in America.

If you value your Second Amendment rights, be careful how you vote.

Dave Kimbell, Spencer