Letter to the Editor

CommStock Report

Monday, October 12, 2020

I sincerely hope the author of the Oct. 9 CommStock Report sufficiently vented his spleen in his "Suicide by arrogance" piece. Hopefully, the expelled vitriol will prevent his head from exploding as he rails incessantly against the POTUS. Don't get me wrong, everyone has a right to their opinion, but denigrating and name-calling to this extent could be fatal in and of itself!

The comments expressed were reminiscent of the majority of PO'd malcontents from November 2016, when this president won the election. Some 1,460 days later their rhetoric remains as unflattering as ever. The promise throughout the last four years has been to impeach, demean or destroy the president in whatever manner possible. Not too many of us could stand up under this type of continuous assault. Politics is a dirty business, a blood sport if you will, and it is not for the faint of heart. Remind me to ask my grandchildren what they think this chapter of our collective history will look like when it is chronicled in the high school and college textbooks. A bit more cooperation by the naysayers might actually result in a better country for all of us to enjoy.

Bill Kersting, Spencer