Letter to the Editor

Presidential debate

Thursday, October 1, 2020

After enduring the disgusting debacle inappropriately dubbed the first presidential debate of 2020, I have a suggestion for the conduct of the second or succeeding debate. The format needs to resemble that of the 1950s quiz show, "The $64,000 Question. With a few adjustments, the "debate" would go something like this: At the beginning of the encounter, each candidate would enter his/her respective sound proof booth, facing forward. A "heads/tails coin toss" moments before show time would determine who goes first in the questioning. When the question is read to the winner of the coin toss, they have two minutes to respond. The opponent hears what is said, but does not have their microphone turned on. At the two minute mark, first speaker's microphone goes silent, and the opponent gets their turn to answer the same question. After two minutes, no more is heard. End of round one.

With the drama, bickering, name-calling, baiting and conduct unbefitting the holder of our nation's highest office removed/muted, what we would hear is each candidate's response to the questions, without interruption. Each could make their points and positions known later, in the summation round. After, say 15 questions are entertained, the moderator can ask each candidate to tell their opponent what he/she heard them say, and why it is not the proper way to run the country. This would take a total of one half hour, split equally by the candidates. Once the first one to speak is finished, off goes their microphone, and only the second speaker is heard. At the ninety minute mark, microphones are off, and the show is over. Period.

Bill Kersting, Spencer