Letter to the Editor

Stolen signs

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Our Biden sign was stolen last Friday night along with other people's Biden signs in Spencer. It was so irritating, because the signs are so hard to get.

Sunday morning a young man in a pickup stopped and talked to my sister, and he asked if we were missing a sign and she said, "Yes."

He then told her that someone had tossed a bunch of signs in his front yard overnight, and that he did not take them, and he did not want people to think that he did. So he was driving around Spencer to find yards that were missing a Biden/Harris sign. Most of the time it was easy to find places, because the yards still had Scholten and or Greenfield signs. When he found one, he gave the householder a sign.

He said that he does not support Biden, but he felt that stealing signs is not right, so he was trying to make up for the wrong done.

My sister thanked him, took the sign and put it back in the front yard.

Now that we have the Biden/Harris sign back in our front yard, I feel compelled to bring it in every night. And that feeling that I have been made to feel in Spencer in 2020 makes me very angry and sad.

Joanne Dyhrkopp Schar, Spencer