Letter to the Editor


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Given the fact that the United States became a nation to escape unfair taxation by Great Britain, many today would not care much about what the prime minister of the United Kingdom has to say concerning the fight against the pandemic. However, that would be a mistake, for Boris Johnson seems to be in the unenviable position of governing a country experiencing a resurgence of positive cases of COVID-19. Just the other day, he had some words of wisdom for his people, as well as the rest of us. In so many words, he asked the populace to "summon the discipline" to fight the pandemic by practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings. Gee, where have we heard that before?

The discipline to social distance is not difficult to accomplish. "Nothin' to it but to do it." Likewise, covering your nose and mouth appropriately is a simple, but quite important gesture of concern for those you are near. Again, just do it. For the vast majority of us, it can't hurt, and it most certainly helps us fight the coronavirus spread.

Finally, to those who think this whole COVID thing is a hoax, or that the numbers of victims are somehow "inflated/padded," consider this. In America, we have 200,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19. If 20% of them were deemed false reporting, that still leaves 160,000 bona fide deaths. You want to compromise the safety of people to fit your nonprofessional opinion or conviction, and go around without exercising caution? What ignorance! We are much more intelligent than that!

Bill Kersting, Spencer