Letter to the Editor

COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday, September 10, 2020

We are now into the sixth month of a health epidemic in proportions unheard of in our lifetime. Fifty percent of our schools are being conducted online and half of our populations on self confinement. Our senior citizens who should be enjoying their retirement years, many are experiencing fear for becoming sick.

Yesterday our government announced that fiscal spending would exceed tax revenue by 3 trillion dollars. In the past if spending exceeded 75% of revenues triggered a severe recession. America's unemployment rate is in excess of 18%, the highest since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

It didn't take long for the pandemic to become politicized. The recent stimulus bill died in the senate because one third of the package to go to corrupt state pension funds that were bankrupt of three states. Hopefully this will be corrected in the future bills.

We need to be prepared for a severe change in our activities personally and financially in the coming months.

Personally my decision from day one was not to change lifestyle or activities one iota.

J. Roger Carr, Spirit Lake