Letter to the Editor

Grand Avenue gardens

Monday, September 7, 2020

Pretty gardens are making the streets of Spencer dangerous! Spencer city workers are blocking the roads and not letting traffic get through. The people can’t go where they should go. Some people cannot see where they’re going and they could crash. City workers are also in trouble because they could be hurt if they get ran into.

The city workers that are blocking the roads are the workers that are in charge of the gardens along Grand Avenue. When they are watering plants along Grand, they park along the road in a traffic lane and block traffic. People are forced to stop quickly or go around, causing traffic issues. Another problem is that when they are working, it is a busy time of day for drivers and there is a lot of traffic because people are going to work.

The city workers should park on the corner or where they are out of the way of traffic. The city may also want to consider using different vehicles such as a four-wheeler or a UTV to water the flowers. If they cannot get different vehicles, they may want to water at different times of the day when traffic is not so busy.

Spencer citizens can change how city workers do business. Talk to the supervisors and the mayor to change how city workers place their cars.

— Dalton Roberts, Spencer