Letter to the Editor

Harvest safety

Monday, September 7, 2020

Harvest time is quickly approaching and is underway in certain areas of our community. This is a gentle reminder of things we can all be aware of to keep ourselves, and our families, safe during what can be a chaotic time.

As combines, grain carts, semitrucks and other seasonal equipment take to the roads, pay extra attention to traffic. These large machines are often maneuvering slowly. Be patient, pass carefully and understand that they will do the same.

Wildlife is also on the move searching for new cover as the crop is harvested. Be diligent (especially around sunup or sundown) about scanning the ditch/roadside for deer crossing.

Last but certainly not least, given the extremely dry conditions, producers may consider double-checking that each vehicle has an operational fire extinguisher available. In the event of a field fire, consider being prepared by having a loaded water wagon ready to be activated and/or having a disk hooked up to help control a potential outbreak.

Have a safe and happy harvest.

Emily Kummerfeld,Clay County Farm Bureau Board of Directors