Letter to the Editor

The good old days

Monday, August 24, 2020

What if these are the good old days? Will we be looking back fondly at the following?

Only 10.2% unemployment rate.

Working/middle class hanging on by the fingernails though shrinking daily with ever widening income inequality.

Only 44,000 COVID-19 cases and 1000 deaths daily. With 1 in 3 saying they’ll refuse vaccination COVID-19 is here to stay.

Health insurance not yet eliminated for those with preexisting conditions.

Ten years left to hold the line on record rate of climate change. What used to happen over 8,000 years allowing time to adapt, is happening in 100 years.

QAnon believers about to be but not yet elected to make law. QAnon conspiracy theory is that the world is controlled by a satanic cabal of child-eating pedophiles made up of politicians (mostly Democrats), Hollywood entertainers and the mainstream media.

Government agencies/services not yet totally privatized for profit and not all experienced, knowledgeable, capable patriotic career civil servants fired yet.

Most of the Fourth Estate (the press) still independent.

With widespread acknowledgment (first step in solving any problem) of systemic racism and misogyny, still hope they get addressed instead of encouraged.

With overwhelming support, still the possibility of sensible gun laws in the face of every increasing gun violence.

Higher education still available for those willing to take on crippling debt.

Defunding of Social Security and Medicare not yet complete.

Military respected and still loyal to the U.S. Constitution and following the code of conduct even as those that violate the oaths/codes are praised and pardoned.

The country’s move from world ally to adversary not yet complete.

When considering what the future holds, keep in mind who’s been in charge the last four years.

To those yelling at my house over the display of signs in support of my candidates of choice; your examples of the kind of people the other candidate attracts confirms my choice is the right, moral one. Thank you.

Wear a mask.

— Diane Smith, Spencer