Letter to the Editor

Evil unleashed upon US

Monday, July 13, 2020

The silent majority may not speak out as much but we are standing on the outside observing the evil that has been unleashed upon the U.S. and the world and are willing to fight for our country when we are called upon.

The majority that love this country of the U.S. will defend it from being destroyed.

The U.S. is being infiltrated from within as we speak, so the evil can have their new world order, a 16-year plan ... to destroy the U.S. consisting of eight years of a previous administration and was to be completed with eight years of a 2016 presidential candidate that did not get elected.

Take down the U.S. at all costs and the rest of the countries will have to follow in the destruction. We have been witnessing some of the evil that the corrupt people wanted in this country today but on a smaller scale and should be subsiding in fall.

(Most have to be shown the evil to understand because informing them is harder to absorb.

Ask yourself why? For many occurrences against our president that we have witnessed over the past few years and to this day.

The evil corrupt people are attacking our current president with many false accusations so they are not exposed to the public for their crimes which are very serious. Doesn't this make you think, why are they constantly bashing your president. Ones that speak the loudest against your president (I'm talking about the MSM, Hollywood elites, politicians, etc. ... and not us everyday, hardworking, tax paying, etc. citizens) because we rely on the media to inform us with the truth but the MSM has been lying to us and they are part of this corruption. We have trusted MSM too easily for many years and JFK and some others had warned us back in the 1960s of publishing the truth to the public. The major MSM has been narrowed down to six major corporations that are controlled. Operation Mockingbird ... was started in the past and to think for one minute its not being played upon us to this day. I find ... Out of Shadows ... is a good example to see first hand.

MSM, corrupt politicians, elites started with racism, fascism and all the other ism's.

Fake impeachment, fake Russian collusion with framing people connected to our president. To name one very important one, General Flynn case which is showing how fake all this Russian hoax is.

There has been many corrupt occurrences played upon us to mess with a upcoming election.

A lot of our voices are being silenced today that want to speak out about all this corruption and evil online and some social media platforms, but corrupt evil people own and operate most of these commonly used sites we use.

Your constitutional rights are being attacked constantly and ask yourself, why?

Treason, sedition, crimes against humanity and crimes against children are to be exposed for crimes in the U.S. and the world (something to research).

I'm not a political person but our country needs us to stand up with our president and military intelligence to fight this evil.

We have one chance at this for taking out the evil that has been upon us for many years.

WWG1WGA (where we go one we go all).


Tracey Sievers, Cherokee