Letter to the Editor

Passing of Jerry Crew

Monday, June 15, 2020

Writers of letters to the editor near and far, lost a friend and mentor June 10, with the passing of Jerry Crew. It would be fair to say that when it came to the outspoken Mr. Crew, you either loved him or you didn't. It was easy to do either!

You never had to wonder where you stood with Jerry. In writing, or in person, he would tell you what he thought. How refreshing, in these days of political correctness! He was not afraid to call a spade a dirty shovel. It wasn't necessary that you agreed with his point of view, but you had better be prepared to defend you own long held beliefs.

More than once, Jerry and I have been accused of colluding, that is, joining forces to rail for/against one or the other issue of the day. While it never actually occurred, I relish that we were accused of doing that very thing. I like to think that we both try to bring before the readers of this newspaper items about which people feel passionately. May that continue into the future!

Bill Kersting, Spencer