Letter to the Editor

Senate absentee ballot bill

Monday, June 15, 2020

During this past week, Randy Feenstra and the Iowa state Senate passed a bill to suppress the vote and prevent Secretary of State Paul Pate from proactively mailing absentee ballot request forms to registered Iowa voters. This bill not only stifles the voice of Iowans, it forces them to make the choice between their right to vote, but also their health safety.

November is the start of the flu season and weíll likely be in the middle of the second wave of coronavirus. Adding unnecessary hurdles to the voting process leaves only two options: staying home and not voting or crowding the polls and endangering our seniors, people with disabilities, and those with preexisting conditions.

This isnít how itís done in the 4th District and itís not how itís done in Spencer. We value our democracy. We value our diverse voices and opinions. We value making our voice heard.

ó Mitch Day, Spencer