Letter to the Editor

The new normal

Thursday, June 4, 2020

"Getting back to normal" was a phrase used by three individuals Sunday on the cable news networks. Getting back to normal as we used to know it is not going to happen. We need to prepare ourselves financially and emotionally for our "new" normal. Financially we will experience wage stagnation, high unemployment and inflation in food and other consumer items. Emotionally we must be able to adjust to change in habits as far as meeting friends at coffee or a church service, wearing protective gear and adjusting to be at home more. A sudden upsetting of routine is hard to handle.

The figure of 39 million out of work and one in four small businesses will not happen is a staggering figure. For any society. I listen to the BBC throughout the day and last week the statement was made that the European economy was at the level it was during the Great Depression of the 1930s. We can expect more socialism and socialistic programs in the next few years. When we are in crisis we grasp for straws. In closing to new normal will not look anything like the past "normal." Be prepared!!

J Roger Carr, Spirit Lake