Letter to the Editor

Increase in speeding motorists

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The 1941 Walt Disney film "Dumbo" contained a song that was very popular. Cliff Edwards sings: "But I think I will have seen about everything, when I see an elephant fly. Today, he would be rolling over in his grave hearing of motorists behaving badly (if only it were flying elephants he witnessed). Seems that Iowa State Patrol troopers are seeing a sizable increase in motorists exceeding 120 mph on the interstate system! No doubt some kind of chemical is a factor, but this has got to stop! Some pretty hefty fines add to the thrill.

You, the reader, are not necessarily likely to speed in this manner. However, you may know of folks who think this is a good substitute for a lack of sports venues to frequent these days. I beg of you, do all you can to squelch this idea. Fewer drivers on the highway does not "make it safe to open 'er up. The life you save could be mine, or someone you truly care about!

Bill Kersting, Spencer