Letter to the Editor

Sneitzer letter

Thursday, April 16, 2020

I would like to correct our friend, Robert Sneitzer, of Spirit Lake, on what he wrote last Tuesday (March 31 in the SDR) about President Donald Trump: "President Trump said, 'Not all governors have been appreciative of me,' and directed Vice President Pence not to call governors that have not been appreciative." I too saw the press conference.

Whatever the president does some people (mostly the liberal press and Democrats) find fault. Early on, after news leaked out of China about the coronavirus, the president stopped all flights from China to the U.S. He was criticized for such a rash and unnecessary act. When he appointed Vice President Mike Pence to form a task force to deal with the pandemic, the president was criticized for his choice. Among them were certain governors. Trump invited CEOs of business and pharmaceutical large corporations to the White House to ask for their help to deal with this serious health crisis with its many unknowns. Through several such meetings the president asked these corporations to work on mass producing test kits, masks and ventilators. He urged many to do research on drugs and vaccines to stop the virus. Then many, including governors and mayors, who failed to plan for a situation of confronting a new "super bug," began to criticize the president for not doing enough. (Congratulations to the Spencer Hospital who had a plan and were ready to face the coronavirus read the excellent article several weeks ago in the SDR.)

Rather than being critical of the president, his critics ought to give the president credit and appreciate what he, the vice president, the task force and others for the way they have responded to the unknown virus that has never been experienced before.

By the way, Robert, both the president and the vice president have phones and communicated with the same "unappreciative" governors to find out what they need and then have been working tirelessly to provide the necessary equipment to protect out healthcare heroes, who are doing all they can in their work to save the sick, and provide them with the equipment to heal the sick. Hundreds of thousands and millions of necessary equipment have been produced and shipped.

Robert, please express your thanks to our president for the leadership he and the vice president are giving our nation you and me and all Americans.

M.L. Jacobson, Spencer