Letter to the Editor

Answering the call

Thursday, April 16, 2020

I am homebound and have lots of leisure time these days. I just read a book that a friend gave me. "Answer The Call" written by Dr. Steve Meyer from Sioux City, Iowa. He was the orthopedic surgeon who answered the call when a bus crashed in Tanzania, Africa, in 2017. All but three children were killed. Those three children were near death. Many people helped Meyer perform the many miracle operations that restored their little bodies. Meyers' book tells the story and thanks God and all of the people who were involved.

We have a serious health problem right now that all of us are facing. People in our area, our state and our country are working tirelessly to defeat the coronavirus. The United States of American is united, no matter our color, race, religion and yes, political party.

Maybe God has given some of us time to pray and say thank you. Thank you "caregivers," governors, our president and Congress.

Thank you all of you who have answered the call.

Vergene Donovan, Spirit Lake