Letter to the Editor

Be part of the solution, not the problem

Monday, April 13, 2020

You canít shame the shameless and you canít fix stupid. I only go shopping once a week for needed items, then spend a half hour or more disinfecting my purchases, car and myself. What I witnessed yesterday freaked me out. At the places I went there was zero distancing (except when I was distancing myself from others), almost zero masks though none can be found to buy (counted three including the one I made for myself), multiple people shopping together even with kids, people picking up lots of stuff and putting it back (shop with your eyes instead).

COVID-19 is in northwest Iowa.The first case in Iowa was March 8, the first death March 24. There are 1,510 cases and 34 Iowa deaths as of Easter and increasing daily. Due to very restricted testing due to lack of test kits, only about half of 1% have been tested in Iowa so you are likely infected. Act like it. Are you selfish, lazy or ignorant? Ignorance can be corrected with education. I do what I can to protect YOU from me in case Iím asymptomatically infected. Please return the favor.

If you celebrated Easter because you believe in Jesus, then consider that on a day traditionally spent together in large groups that the snowstorm was a sign to STAY HOME! At least listen to the doctors, scientists and medical experts. Not the dear leaderís flip-flopping instructions based on advice from entertainment hosts and other sycophants. I will not resume normal activity until I hear from the experts, not a narcissistic con man.

This is not the flu. There is no herd immunity (70% of population with developed immunity), no vaccine, no treatment. Not getting it is the only preventive measure. If youíre not part of the solution, youíre part of the problem.

There are not enough thanks for first responders, essential employees, volunteers and those doing what they can to keep life going.

ó Diane Smith, Spencer