Letter to the Editor

Biopharmaceutical innovation

Monday, April 6, 2020

As a former oncology RN, my heart goes out to health care professionals on the front lines fighting the coronavirus pandemic across the country. I imagine this will be one of the most difficult challenges of their lives; I hope they get the support they so desperately need.

That support translates into several things: more PPE, more beds, more staff, more funding and more federal backing. However, even with these things, I fear they’ll have to keep fighting the effects of this COVID-19 until there is a vaccine. For that, we must look to the biopharmaceutical sector, who has already been working for months in pursuit of one.

It's imperative that Iowa’s legislators do all they can to empower critical biopharmaceutical research. The potential impact of the outcomes of their research are undeniable; they could change the course we’re currently on, where at least 100,000 American lives are predicted to be lost by the end of this crisis.

Without a vaccine available, the emotional and physical toll of this pandemic will continue to weigh down our health care system; in some places, capacity has already been met or exceeded. We need our elected officials to act on behalf of these heroes, our health care professionals, and do all in their power to ensure a treatment is delivered by way of biopharmaceutical innovation. Human capacity without innovative options can only stretch so far in the face of this deadly disease.

— Kay Quirk, Alta