Letter to the Editor

Coronavirus letters

Thursday, April 2, 2020

I would like to respond to my two "fan" letters in Tuesday's Daily Reporter written by Rick Steuben and Mary Marske as well as a personal letter from "a concerned citizen" with no return address. She, or he pulled no punches! "When are you going to quit writing these editorials that show your stupidity! I feel that you are more of a hypocrite with most of your 'Crew' thinkings. I pray that you do not contact the coronavirus!" However, I'd feel more comfortable if the word "not" was omitted in the last sentence!

Mary Marske and Rick Steuben our local newspaper is not the place to discuss our personal disagreements.

In rereading my letter, I did not say Governor Reynolds should do nothing! My bigger concern was the economy, which has already "tanked," especially if social isolation does not work.

Has it worked? This is day 16 of the moratorium, and, since the incubation period of the virus is two weeks, we should begin to see a rapid drop of new cases within a very few days. If not, we can surmise social contact has little to do with the spread of the coronavirus and eliminate social isolation as a solution!

Since I'm the "poster child" of the guy standing with his foot in mouth, there are two things I should not have said in my letter. First of all, I was premature in my assessment of Governor Reynolds' action although her recent two-week extension of the month moratorium was completely unnecessary! And I deeply regret use of the term "cowardly" when discussing church closings. Mea culpa!

Jerry Crew, Webb