Letter to the Editor

President for just some people?

Monday, March 30, 2020

As our nation’s governors ask the federal government for assistance, President Trump said “Not all governors have been appreciative of me,” and directed Vice President Pence not to call governors that have not been appreciative. In a televised press conference he said “I want them to be appreciative.” Will Trump ask for Pence’s resignation if he calls anyway?

Recently Priorities USA Action has run an ad showing Trump stating: the coronavirus threat was a hoax, and that it actually was well under control and that it will soon “disappear like magic.” In response, Trump threatened to sue any station that ran the ad and revoke their broadcasting license if they showed what he actually said because it was defamation. Does this remind you of 1936 Germany? The U.S. Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech, which includes deserved criticism of the President. Trump apparently disagrees.

While it is upsetting to see the president take such actions, it is even more upsetting to see his cult like followers accept, defend and even applaud his actions. Is being appreciative required for fair treatment by the president?

— Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake