Letter to the Editor

Please stay home

Monday, March 30, 2020

As elected and appointed officials throughout Clay County, we believe it is imperative to send a unified message to our communities regarding COVID-19, and provide as much support as possible to our health care leaders.

First, we want you to know we meet electronically on a daily basis and share updates on what is happening in our communities, ask questions of our medical providers and provide support to one another. Because of these discussions, we believe it is critical to heed the advice of Spencer Hospital CEO Bill Bumgarner:

Please stay home. With the exception of essential life activities such as grocery shopping or significant medical activities, please stay home. If you have to be out in public, please maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourself and others and wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds often.

Our best chance, as a county, to beat back COVID-19, is to listen to our public health experts who uniformly agree that social distancing is the most significant action we can take.

As warm weather quickly approaches, you may feel tempted to gather in the parks or your back yard with friends and neighbors. Please stay home and limit your social interactions as much as possible. We understand these are extraordinary, difficult and confusing times. It is our hope that by listening to the experts, and staying home, we can return to normal life sooner rather than later.

Kevin Robinson, Spencer Mayor

Marlin Voss, Fostoria Mayor

Josh Toft, Royal Mayor

Dan Skelton, Chair Clay County Board of Supervisors

Chris Raveling, Clay County Sheriff

Mark Warburton, Spencer Police Chief

John Conyn, Spencer Fire Chief