Letter to the Editor

Help stop coronavirus

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

You! Yes you! Iím talking to you! COVID-19 is serious and real. More people will get sick. Donít be the one that makes them sick. Act like you have COVID-19 even if you donít feel sick because without testing you donít know for sure. Twenty percent will require health care. The goal is to not overwhelm the hospitals with those needing health care needing it all at the same time.

Generations past were sent to war. Youíre just asked to do social distancing for a while. For the good of society we all need to make an effort (if you consider not socializing unnecessarily an effort). If not for the good of society then at least do it for selfish reasons; your own health and access to health care, virus related or not. Other health care needs arenít stopping.

Many, many thanks to first responders, government officials at all levels taking this seriously, volunteers doing all they can as always, family/friends/neighbors helping each other out, employers stepping up when they can by helping employees told they canít work, all the workers still doing their jobs to keep life as normal as possible. Bless you all! Stay safe and healthy!

From WHO, do the five to help stop coronavirus:

1 Hands ó wash them often.

2 Elbow ó cough into it.

3 Face ó don't touch it.

4 Feet ó stay more than 3 feet apart.

5 Feel sick? Stay home.

ó Diane Smith, Spencer