Letter to the Editor

Over the cliff letter

Monday, March 23, 2020

Believe me, I am no lemming! Actually I am a nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree (2008) from the University of Iowa. Your letter to the editor endangers your followers and the businesses you are advocating for. Believe me, I was devastated when I walked out of my church yesterday for the last time in months. If I die, I can't even have a funeral in my church. I hate not being able to go to the grocery store or out to eat. My children are sending me games and puzzles to keep me in the house at all times! I am over 65 and am immune-suppressed. Therefore I am at increased risk of contracting COVID-19 and dying from it. Those who behave irresponsibly and pretend that everything is "normal" endanger every vulnerable person in the community! My husband had a lab appointment this morning and the clinic called and suggested he not come in. The danger is real (you might want to read about the 1918 flu epidemic) and we all need to be responsible and make sacrifices for the good of the community. I plan to support what businesses I can by ordering take-out and donating to food drives. Some how I believe that a national and worldwide epidemic is more important than our personal wants and inconveniences.