Letter to the Editor

Over the cliff?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Does everyone know about lemmings? According to legend, these small, furry rat like rodents willingly plunge to their death by following their leader over the edge of a cliff! Are we going to follow our leader, Gov. Kim Reynolds, "over the cliff?"

Unintended consequences? Does the governor or anyone on her staff not understand the concept? Yesterday, at the local Fareway grocery store, people were grabbing stuff off the cart before it was put on the shelves. Once news hit that schools were closing, many, if not most, churches cowardly closed their doors.

Today she shutdown all public eating facilities with almost zero warning causing many, who were already preparing the lunches, great financial loss. What is the next step limiting the total number of people in the grocery store, including staff to less than five?

The only sure cure for any disease is death! Her actions will kill our economy which means I, as an 85-year-old senior citizen, must give some rational thought to the remainder of my life. I can't go to church, can't eat in fellowship with others, can't go to a movie, can't imbibe with friends at a neighborhood bar but at least I can watch sports on TV. What do you mean there are no more live sports on TV? They cancelled the Masters and the Final Four? The second and third most popular sporting events in history? NASCAR?

What ever happens I can assure you I'm not nor ever was a lemming! Maybe Howard Beale, the news anchor from the movie Network, telling the world "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not taking this anymore."

Are you a lemming willing to follow our supposedly one time solid, rock-hard conservative governor "over the cliff?" Over the past few months, she has become a "squishy" conservative; and her actions of the past few day has caused me to reconsider her qualifications as governor.

Jerry Crew, Webb