Letter to the Editor

Adult needed

Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Daily Reporter of Tuesday, Feb. 25, carried an item relating U.S. Rep. Steve King’s comments at Nutra Tech in Storm Lake. Once again he revealed his ineptitude. Never in his comments, as recorded in that article, did he take responsibility for his profane speech. Instead, he apologizes, again, for consenting to be interviewed! Yet, in irony, “When speech is controlled, as his party has sought to do, ‘It sends a chilling message across this land.’” So, does he expect newspapers to edit his comments when he says stupid things? Wouldn’t that be construed as impedance of free speech?

It is remedial to repeat his comment, which he affirms was accurately quoted in the New York Times: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” He seems to be serious in his ignorance of the implications of his statement! Is he really unaware that since the election of 2016 the number of hate groups has surged even higher than they did when Barack Obama was elected president? (Southern Poverty Law Center; “Intelligence Report” Spring 2019).

Of his being disciplined by the members of his own party, he comments, “No member of Congress has seen the kind of abuse ‘they have dumped on my head.’” Poor boy. Then he has the audacity to suggest the House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is the one who should apologize. For what? Doing his job? Reminds a person of a school kid who has been disciplined at school and comes home telling his parents the teacher should apologize!

King shows, nearly every time he opens his mouth, and certainly at Storm Lake, “Delayed Emotional Growth Traits.” (Psychology 101) Signs of this malady include: resents authority; takes “no” too personally; excessively controlling; excessively angry; makes poor decisions; and, topping the list, refuses to accept full responsibility for his or her own decisions.

In other words, when we see some of these Traits in most people, we would term that person as being juvenile. In King’s case, voters in the 4th Congressional District call him representative.

Using his own words, I affirm, with him, “This can’t be let stand, or there will be perpetual damage.” It’s time for the 4th District to have representation. We don’t need to “scheme” and “plot” to get that done. Just work and vote for an adult candidate!

— Paul Frederiksen, Spencer