Letter to the Editor

Senate impeachment hearing

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Apparently some of our state representatives, our congressman and at least one SDR letter writer were annoyed by the debacle that was the Senate impeachment hearing. So was I, but not for the same reason. Our president said "read the transcript.” So, I did. Now, I have spent some time in a lot of places around the world that are not in Rick Steves' travel books. In some of them, it is common for a government official to demand a favor in return for providing the service he was elected/appointed to do, so I know what solicitation of bribery actually means.

It would seem, however, that nearly all Republican senators and everyone who supports The Donald thinks making America great again means conducting our government as if it were a third world country. I think that all Republican senators (with the exception of Mitt Romney) who henceforth use the terms "constitutional conservative," "the rule of law” or "a country of laws and not men" should be laughed out of the room. They may be happy living in an America that acts like a Cameroon or a Honduras, but at least those of us who are disgusted by that sort of thing aspire to something better.

— H Schar, Spencer