Letter to the Editor

Sneitzer letter

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I promised myself I would not engage Robert Sneitzer and his left wing rants, but today, Robert finally got to the crux of his problem! His inability to distinguish between the man and the president.

I've detested the policies of Barrack Hussein Obama from the time I first heard of him as a state senator in Illinois, and still do. But from November 2008 until November 2016 he was the duly elected president of our country, and had every right to act as president because we are a constitutional republic. I am a Christian and an American who respects our constitution, and although I continually questioned his decisions as president, I never questioned his right to be president.

Sneitzer, on the other hand, can't accept the fact Donald J. Trump was duly elected president in 2016. What is it about the "left" who can't accept the fact in 2000 and 2016 George W. Bush and Trump exceeded 270 electoral votes and won despite losing the popular vote? Popular vote never elected a president.

Sneitzer asks how we, on the Christian right, can continue to support Trump despite "sex with porn stars, bribe payments, adulterous affairs on all his wives and thousands of publicly told lies?" The answer, very simply, is we can distinguish between the man (all are fallible) and the president!

In 2016, we sent the message we didn't want four more years of the miasma with Obama, and in 2020, we will vote for the president who in three-plus years has done more for our country than any president in history. Quite simply, we vote for the person best equipped to lead the "greatest nation on God's green earth" not the one with greater moral values.

Jerry Crew, Webb